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before chinese new year our company beautiful tea set and tea to send our customers.

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 Hello every customer

chinese new year is coming,thanks the new and the old customer give us the support in the past years.

and we have print the new products brochure for the craft wire,if you are intrested in our new products-the craft wire,you just need give us a Express to pay account,we can send you one brochure.

and the most important thing we wont let you pay the freight just get one brochure ,we will give you one set chinese tea set and some chinese tea.the value of tea set and the tea will equal or more than the value of the freight. that means you didnot pay the the freight,you just get the tea set and tea without freight.and at the same time you may get a new supplier.

and we promise if we can get cooperation by this way,any time you need the chinese tea we can give you some for free.


ok,now we dont waste time the tea set like following,the tea is Tie Guan Yin tea or Pu'er,or any other you like.


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