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the type of the chicken cage

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1, single cages
Cages are arranged in a uniform horizontal plane. Such cages rearing density, low utilization of the premises. But light through good ventilation, easy to control, environmental health is good. Suitable for breeding hens. Chickens developed countries and regions (such as the U.S.) breeders use more single hanging cages.

2, double cages
The use of both upper and lower mounting bracket to the horizontal assembly arrangement of cages. Representing an increase of stocking density single cages, governance convenient.
3, multi-layer cages
By the assembly of three or more layers arranged in the cage. Rearing density, high utilization of the premises, unit construction expense broiler school premises needed but too many layers, the uppermost and lowermost premise environment (such as temperature, light) vary greatly, manipulating adverse stools, ventilate Through the light is not good, indoor plumbing is difficult to maintain. Generally should not exceed three. According to the size of the venue to make appropriate adjustments, the installation of automatic water system, but also can be used for single or multiple adjustments.

4, overlapping cages
Upper and lower cage body completely overlap, layer set order of manure plates, usually 2-3 layers. Sheds utilization is high, rearing density per unit area. But not too much overlapping layers to 2-3 layers appropriate. Chenet of light through poor ventilation, cages, and the lower temperature and light unevenly.

5, all paths which type cages
In the cage assembly arrangement, the upper and lower body completely staggered cage, faeces fall directly under the cage manure trench, no order of manure boards. Higher stocking density, ventilation light is good, to facilitate observation. Because the interlayer completely staggered longitudinal separation between layers big disadvantage would govern the upper cage. Meanwhile, the Conservancy is also more difficult problem. Therefore, the whole story they feel most affordable type cages arranged and mechanized manipulation.

6, semi-creative writing style cages
Upper and lower cages between departments overlap one order of dung board office is located. Because shortened longitudinal spacing between layers cages, so easy to observe and control the upper cage. Than the whole creative writing style cages rearing density, high utilization sheds. It lies between the full and overlapping paths which type cages in the middle of a form, either by hand manipulation, are also suitable for mechanized treatment. Therefore, in our country there are some practical value.

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